White Valley of Slaughter - What Questions should Uncover

We've started creating our dungeon, White Valley of Slaughter , from random generators, but now you need to answer questions about it.

Questions like..

  • Is the valley a mountain valley or some sort of ravine?
  • Why is the wraith there and why does it seek release?
  • Who is the Hero buried in the tomb

What to Discover

This post was originally just going to be answering the questions, until I got side-tracked about what I wanted from answering the questions.

We want things that are useful in our adventure, so we want our questions to uncover the following

  • History. You want background and depth to your adventure, but only so much as to be useful for the players or to create a sense of life in the adventure.
  • Plot Hooks. Players that are engaged in the adventure are going to remember it and show more interest than not. You can look for loose ends that could easily be tied to the PCs, such as a treasure one of them is hunting for, an NPC they know or a place they have a historic tie to.
  • Allies, Hindrances and Shopkeepers. Also NPCs by another name, these are characters that can supply help, knowledge or difficulties to the PCs.
  • Adversaries and Challenges. Monsters & Traps in D&D, these are creatures or entities who want to stop the PCs. These could be combat encounters,
  • Mysteries. Things for the players to uncover if they are curious, things that aren't immediately obvious. The identity of the mayor's secret lover, who is behind the curse on the village or the location of the secret chamber in the graveyard.
  • Rewards. Tied to the above, but ways to give bonuses to the PCs. The most obvious is treasure, but there are also loyal allies, pieces of land, cult membership, favour of the gods and anything else that is normally of limited supply.

In a Dungeon Adventure

As we are creating a fantasy Dungeon Adventure, discoveries specific to that genre would be

  • History. Who built the dungeon, what it was for now, when the current inhabitants arrived and how long they have been here. Sources for rumours about the dungeon.
  • Plot Hooks. Quests that take the PCs to the dungeon, treasures they have heard of, friends who have gone missing there, ancestral homes that are nearby..
  • Allies, Hindrances and Shopkeepers. Guides to the dungeon, people to rescue, rivals and monsters who might be friendly.
  • Adversaries. Monsters, traps and hazards
  • Mysteries. Secret doors, the source of rumours, hidden entrances, hidden cults, restless spirits, portals to or from other places
  • Rewards. Treasures, quest rewards, exploration and possibly turning the dungeon into a base...

And the...White Valley of Slaughter

  • History. What happened to the hero and why he was buried in the tomb. Why the valley has its name and who lives nearby now.
  • Plot Hooks. Descendant of the hero, someone born or raised nearby, a reason to talk to the wraith, a secret treasure inside
  • Allies, Hindrances and Shopkeepers. Villagers, the wraith, a cult that protect the tomb,
  • Adversaries. Protectors of the tomb, beasts who inhabit the caves, traps inside the tomb, angry locals...
  • Mysteries. What's behind the metal door? What happened with the skeletons? What is the true reason it is called the White Valley of Slaughter....?
  • Rewards. Blessing of the wraith, treasures of the hero, the wealth behind the metal door...

More Questions to Come....

So we've looked at what we want to achieve from answering the questions achieved from our dungeon generators, and next time we move on to answering those questions...