White Valley of Slaughter - Rooms and Room Details.

Creating the White Valley of Slaughter, our random generator from dungeons, we've answered many questions and have the maps, so now we fill out some rooms for the dungeon...

Room Ideas of the White Valley

To fill out the rooms we next specify 25 dungeon rooms, planning to take only about half.

!enter image description here

Highlights include a couple of traps like the illusory bottomless pit and wild magic zone with a living spell. The crypt and golem could also fit in and the elven slaves chained to a sleeping giant could well be our skeletons if we hadn't already answered questions about those...

I think we can take the following from the list that fit into our tomb and cave. Some we'll use more as guidelines than literal descriptions.

  • Crypt, Human
  • Ceiling drips mineral water
  • Small white rabbit. Turns out harmless
  • Bleeding walls: If healed/wrapped will help PCs
  • Wild magic zone. Currently home to a living spell
  • Gravity pulls toward west wall. Displacer beast
  • Here lies the oblong rug
  • Illusionary bottomless pit
  • Scriptorium
  • Rune that paralyses with a staggering, true revelation
  • Four-armed gorilla enters your dreams if slain
  • Mirror maze makes magic missile monstrous

Describe the Room

Next we go for some more specific detail at an Enworld generator.

These descriptions may need some refinement but provide the core of our dungeon rooms.

"This room is dimly lit by candles placed all around the room. It's a dusty, rectangular room about 20 feet by 10 feet. The hewn stone walls here surround a natural stone floor. You see a maple desk, and a maple desk."

"This room is brightly lit by large skylights. It's a quiet, irregular room about 20 feet by 20 feet. The stone and mortar walls here surround a cobblestone floor. You see a pitchfork, and a large spider web."

"This room is pitch black. For just a moment, you can see nothing, hear nothing, feel nothing, taste nothing, and you're not even entirely sure who you are. It's a quiet, narrow room about 20 feet by 5 feet. The brick and mortar walls here surround a stone tile floor. You see a hearth in the center of the room, and a balcony."

"This room is brightly lit by an unseen, possibly magical source. It's a quiet, square room about 10 feet by 10 feet. The wooden walls here surround a flagstone floor. You see a marble statue of a god."

"This room is brightly lit by large skylights. It's a blood-spattered, narrow room about 80 feet by 10 feet. The hewn stone walls here surround a dirt floor. You see a tool bench, a water-filled trough, a weapon rack, and a workbench."

Dungeon Dressing

Lastly we go to several dungeon dressing generators to fill out some gaps.

  • "There is a slight, damp breeze. You can hear scratching in the distance. You find a broken bottle and a plate here. You also see a skull in the room."
  • "You can hear jingling in the distance. You find a few sticks and a bottle here."
  • a screen
  • an altar
  • a blanket
  • a large barrel
  • a pail
  • a hogshead
  • a brazier and charcoal
  • a barrel
  • a tapestry
  • a sofa
  • a large puddle of water
  • a pile of bones
  • a pile of fresh dung
  • a rotten rope
  • some food scraps
  • a few sticks
  • a scroll tube
  • a jar
  • a prism
  • a workbench

The Adventure

And next time we start to weave it together to form an adventure, the White Valley of Slaughter....