White Valley of Slaughter - Maps

Our dungeon made from generators, the White Valley of Slaughter is the tomb of an ancient hero and next we need some maps for it

How Many Maps?

We've established that our dungeon is located in a valley below giant chalk figures, and the tomb has natural caves which lead to the carved tombs deeper down.

The valley can do without a map but we will want ones for the cave system and tomb beyond.

Luckily we can use generators already covered for cave complexes and mapping dungeons.

Maps of the Caves

As the first part of our dungeon is a cave, we fill this out with a name and map

The Cave Names of fantasynamegenerators.com gives us the "Whispering Hollows" which we can take literally to fill the caves with the whispers of the wraith and worry the players a little.

At Gozzy's Cave Map generator we specify a cave with three entrances and a white background to make printing easier.

Whispering Hollows

And here we have a top entrance for the granite doors used by the villagers, a second, old entrance that vermin can use and a third way to the bridge and tombs beyond.

There is space here to place the fountain and a few vermin as denizens.

Mapping the Tombs

And we stick with Gozzy's Maps to create the dungeon rooms area

enter image description here

Not a massive dungeon, but we have enough to place our treasures, armoury, skeletons, minotaur tomb and the shrine beyond the metal door. Perhaps the room with a chasm connects to a larger chasm which our bridge crosses.

Room for Rooms

Now we have maps, history and we know the elements needed for the dungeon.

Next up we generate some dungeon rooms and try to fit them to our maps...