White Valley of Slaughter - Loose Ends

Rounding off the White Valley of Slaughter we consider the final elements having detailed the Valley, the Caves and the Tomb.

These loose ends contain an overview of the elements, plot hooks for the players, a rumours table, surrounding encounter table and options for running the adventure.

Adventure Elements

Bringing it together the major elements of the White Valley of Slaughter are...

  • Locations. Villages of the White Valley, the Valley, Caves of the Whispering Hollows, the Crypt of the Bull and the Chalk Shrine
  • NPCs and Groups. Villagers of the White Valley, Cult of the Horned Ghost, Wraith of the Hollows, Protector of the Chalk Shrine
  • Other Elements. Chalk Giants and the Festival of the White Valley

Plot Hooks

To engage the players we'll want some plot hooks to suggests reasons they are there.

  • Dreams of the White Valley. Something has been in your dreams with visions of the White Valley, This might be the Wraith of the Hollows asking you to free it or a spirit of the Chalk Giant such as the white rabbit reaching out to gain your aid.
  • Treasure of the Tombs. You have heard legends of a great treasure buried in the Tomb of the Bull. This may be an item of magic that belonged to the hero or something that the tomb was built to guard.
  • Honouring the Dead. You have come to the White Valley to pay respects to the warriors that have died here. Either you are from a long bloodline claiming ancestry to a warrior (or maybe the hero of the tomb) from the Battle of the White Valley or you have brought the remains of a more recent warrior to bury here.
  • Student of the White Valley. You have come here to study the lore of the White Valley, either you have heard of the great Chalk Giants on the valley sides or the Festival of the White Valley and the tomb of the hero it honours.
  • Villager of the Valleys. You grew up in the villagers around the White Valley of Slaughter, and either you have participated in the Festival of the White Valley and are curious about what lies beyond or you belong to the Cult of the Horned Ghost and seek what the cult values in the tomb.

Rumours Table

If the PCs are doing research in taverns or books then roll or pick from the following rumour table.

  1. The chalk figures are alive and walk the valley at night [false]
  2. A dark cult makes sacrifices in the tombs [true]
  3. A bull demon haunts the tomb [partially true]
  4. There is a spirit in the caves that drives people mad [true]
  5. The Slaughter will come again to the White Valley [probably false]
  6. The tomb was built to protect something ancient in the valley [true]
  7. The bridge of the tomb contains a great secret [true]
  8. Respect the white rabbit for it is a powerful spirit [partially true]
  9. Mighty warriors can find immortality by becoming one of the chalk figures [false]
  10. Many heroes are buried in the Crypt of the Bull [false]
  11. The chalk figures appeared on their own [partially true]
  12. Taking a bull in to slaughter in the tomb will help protect you [false]

Encounters for around the White Valley of Slaughter

Next we have an encounter table for the villagers around the White Valley

  1. Villagers
  2. Herd of Cows
  3. Bull
  4. Cows or Bull tended by Villagers
  5. Cultists of the Horned Ghost
  6. Encounter from the White Valley
  7. Pilgrims approaching the White Valley
  8. Other Plains or Hills encounter.

Options for Running the Adventure

A good adventure should have a few options for running it.

A couple of ideas include

  • Festival of the White Valley. Either the PCs have gathered for the festival of the White Valley or it will occur in the next few weeks
  • Attack of the Cult. The cult has been gathering it's power and someone seeks the PCs to enter before the attack happens.
  • Dreams of the White Valley. Both the chalk giants and the wraith have been sending out dreams as the spirit grows in power and a conflict looms.

Playtest of the White Valley

Next up will be to try a playtest of the adventure as it stands and seeing how the first draft survives contact with the players!

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