Using Generators to Prepare For Games

You can use random generators to prepare for a game, as we show using some Deadlands Generators we assembled previously. This is part of our Generators Campaign series

Generate Lots

You can use existing quality ideas and material as your core, re-purpose existing content that has worked in the past. Avoid the hard work by then supporting the core with generated items.

Our objective is still to avoid time creating content players might never use. Generate as much content as you need and pick out the best for your needs. At worst you'll still have material to use.

I've often found that players don't notice the difference between a generated idea and one I've spend hours crafting. You'll get the same use out of both and being able to give them the game they want is the important thing.

Option 1: Keep the Bits you Like

Here you scan the lists of created content and pick out the bits you like, with the intent to use it in the game. Extract this or delete everything else leaving you with some pieces of content your really like.

It might be worth keeping the original lists as backup in case the players wander off....

The Best Wild West Towns

Using the Wild West Town Names of we get 30 wild west town names...and we can probably make do with just 5-8.

30 Western Names

Wanting places that evoke dry mountainous terrain Aurora Cliff, Clearedge and Scornpeaks fit perfectly. And then I choose three more I like in Leadville, Torntrails and Crooked Cross.

And the town names are set for the next game.

Option 2: Cut What You Don't Like

Here we still intend to use our generated lists as we did in our Last Minute Games, but here we take out anything that doesn't fit fit our current campaign.

Maybe a name doesn't fit, you think something looks stupid or it doesn't inspire you. If in doubt get rid of it.

Getting Rid of Gadgets

In our Deadlands campaign we will have weird gadgets being created so we turn to the Seventh Sactum Gadget Namer

enter image description here

Hmm, some of these won't work well in the Wild West, removing anything with "Bacteria", "Computer", "Neutron", "Cryptography", "Teleportation" or "Titanium" in it to start.

Then I don't like "Barrier Acid" or "Block Monitor-Buggy" so those can go too.

Which Leaves..

  • Basher-Circulator
  • Burrowing Spook-Invalidator
  • Counteracting Location-Zapper
  • Enthralling Soil Tunneller
  • Expansive Barrier Contemplator
  • Flaming Revitalizer
  • Heal Swimmer
  • Mesmerizing Revoking Slammer
  • Messaging Telescoping System
  • Psychic Zenith Shock Manipulator
  • Ruling Tear Sector
  • Saber-Flamer
  • Sonic Mutator-Relocator
  • Transporting Camouflage Whirlwind
  • Utility Howler-Reacher

Lots of good gadget names to perplex, amuse and scare the players!

Good To Go

That covers two ways to prepare for your game using generators.

Give us your favourite generated material at @ChaosGenerators on twitter or here in the comments!