Using Generators for Adventure Building...

We've had a good look at random generators for GMs and Random Generators for Players, and now we discuss Random Generators for Adventure Builders.

Adventure Building

There are many players, fewer GMs and even fewer Adventure Builders. Some GMs use premade adventures such as famous modules for Dungeons and Dragons, the sprawling Adventure Paths of Pathfinder or the Plot Points of Savage Worlds. There may even be people who build adventures but never get to run them (I haven't met any of these)

Elements of an adventure

An adventure is primarily concerned most or all of these

  • Locations. Places with mystery, for good fight scenes, for encountering NPCs, places to explore, to use as monster lairs, or for the PCs to rest and recuperate.
  • Plots / Storyline. Something that brings the pieces of the adventure together and gives the PCs a reason to interact and stay involved throughout. This can be simply the presence of a nearby dungeon or a complex web of different plot threads.
  • NPCs / Monsters. These may be adversaries, allies, villains or bystanders. Some might be deeply integrated into the adventure or a simple 4 guards with the standard statistics for the game.
  • Details. After these, the we worry about the particular details of these things, whether it be the contents of a room, the treasure of a dragon or the reason why the count has invited the PCs to dinner.

Adventure Building with Generators

You can use generators to help with...

  1. Brainstorming. Coming up with ideas for plots, locations and personalities. Use these as inspiration for your adventure.
  2. Details. Filling out details you don't have anything for. Generate 20 ideas for those 3 rooms and use 3 of them.
  3. Something Different. When in a run of repeating the same old thing, using a generator to force yourself into creating something from the result.
  4. Timesaving. Saving time. Maybe you have a good idea and use generators to fill out the rough details for the adventure.
  5. Bridging. If you have different elements but need something to bind them together, try a generator for a helpful NPC, map handout or helpful rumour.

Generator Topics

We'll consider the following in their own articles, with a sample adventure outline built using the generators from each.

  • Dungeon Adventures
  • Maps Maps Maps
  • Plots
  • Villains
  • Random Encounter Tables
  • Organisations
  • Mysteries
  • Allies
  • Foes and Encounters
  • Genres (Pirates, Horror, Space)

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