Spawn of Troll Mountain: Swamp Trolls

Following on from our introduction to Saurak trolls and hill trolls we have lore and stats for Swamp Trolls as well as Horrors, Cauldron-Bearers and Sentries!

Cunning and Stealthy

Swamp trolls have to keep to the water for their regeneration to take affect, making use of rivers and seas to hunt, travel and raid. Their favourite homes are stagnant swamps where they can spend days at a time recovering in mud after gorging all they can. More crafty than other trolls, swamp trolls use patience and stealth to find their prey.

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Swamp trolls are the most varied of the troll races, prone to mutations and adapting their forms as they grow and age. Scholars debate that they were the first troll race to diverge from the hill trolls, adapting to the waters and further mutating from there.

Any troll can have a mutation added by rolling on the following table

Troll Mutation Table (1d8)

  1. Hairy. The troll is covered in thick hair and is vulnerable to fire
  2. Powerful Legs. The troll gains 10 speed on land movement and can jump 10 feet as a bonus action.
  3. Scales. The troll has thick scales which grant it +2 AC while not wearing armour
  4. Long Arms. The troll has long arms which it can stretch, giving it 10 ft. reach on all melee attacks.
  5. Poisonous Stench. Any creature starting its turn or entering within 5 ft. of the swamp troll must make a DC 15 Constitution saving throw or become Poisoned. A creature may try to end this effect at the start of its next turn. If a creature makes this saving throw it is immune to poisonous stench of swamp trolls for the next 24 hours.
  6. Vividly Coloured. The troll is brightly coloured, having disadvantage on all Stealth checks to hide.
  7. Crystalline Body. The troll is made of crystal, having an AC of 18 and ignoring it’s Dexterity bonus. It is vulnerable to bludgeoning damage.
  8. Crab-Like Claw. If the troll hits a foe up to one size larger than itself with a claw attack, it can grapple them

Troll Horrors are a group of swamp trolls which occurs with some regularity, a four armed abomination which espouses stealth and cunning for raw power. Most are twisted in other ways, displaying an array of variations that baffles even the Names of Troll Mountain.

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The legends around trolls and their attachment to bridges usually sources from swamp trolls, who often take a particular bridge and make it their home, sometimes stopping others from using it and other times exacting a tribute of food or wealth. A few build crude bridges of wood, but the most respected trolls are those who can shape bridges of stone or other materials.

Some swamp trolls take this to the next level, the Swamp Troll Sentries use weapons, tools and sometimes armour forged by other races, having overcome the voracious destruction of their kind. Some enhance bridges they come across, others build their own and a few work for other races, guarding or commandeering prominent bridges. Skilled in building, they use wood, stone or parts from the carcasses of creatures they have slain in their bridges.

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Cauldrons of Smash

Trolls aren't known for their culinary skills, but they are known to be addicted to a food of some type created from various root vegetables and seemingly blessed by one of the names of Troll Mountain. Trolls crave this and some of their race are blessed with magical cauldrons that they create to celebrate great victories. Other races know this food as "Smash"

Some swamp trolls bear great cauldrons used for creating Smash, seen by other trolls as totems which encourage them in battle. The cauldrons are enchanted by the Names of Troll Mountain and the be bearers call on these spirits to produce noxious mixtures that can be boon or bane.

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