Spawn of Troll Mountain: Mountain Trolls

We continue our look at trolls of Saurak with 4 mountain trolls, largest of the trolls close to the Names of Troll Mountain.

Seekers of Troll Mountain

At home amongst the high places of the world, mist-shrouded peaks and towering crags. Physically they have brownish-ruddy skin, often with growths of stone covering parts of their body. The Names of Troll Mountain are great spirits respected by all of trollkind and tied to simple aspects they fear or value such as Fire, Meat, Names and the Mad. They seek to grow more like the Names of Troll Mountain, throwing rocks at each other, bellowing across the mountain tops and leading ogres into battle with one-another.

mountain troll

Blessings of Thunder

The first mountain trolls had some sort of affinity with stone, either through interbreeding with other races, mutation or magic. And those most skilled with throwing rocks have gained the blessings of Troll Mountain, wrapped in the thunder of storms. They are often leaders of troll bands and are the most skilful rock-throwers among troll-kind

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Becoming the Mountain

Some mountain trolls manage to connect into their ancient heritage through days of standing as stones would. These grow in size, towering above others of their kind.

They feed off the very rock itself, often journeying their own way through the land, followed by other trolls in their wake

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Ogre Friends

Ogres have an affinity with mountain trolls, often allying with them and some tribes are lead by a mountain troll. But those who try to live among trollkind usually lead short lives, torn apart and killed by an inability to regenerate limbs and life. The Acolytes of Stone have managed to survive among the trolls, emulating them where they can. But they back down from fights, running to hide or climbing where trolls can't reach them.

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