Spawn of Troll Mountain: Hill Trolls

In our first article on trolls we presented the stats of the Hill Troll. Here we have lore and stats for hill troll Namers, Boulderers, Heavyweights and the Trollspawn.

Hill Trolls

The most common of the troll races, they are the most likely to bear an important name, create new spawn and embody the snarling destructive giants that other races know.

Most of those that keep the histories and study the power of names are hill trolls, and they also honour the traditional ways of cliff-jumping, having adapted it to battle.

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Born to Rend

All trolls are spawned with an unconscious desire to tear things apart, be it beasts encountered, treasures they find or other trolls. Part of it is hunger and some of it is a natural tendency for destruction.

It affects how they approach battle, quarrels, leadership and other races. A few "greedy" trolls overcome this tendency and manage to keep treasures made by other races, sometimes even using armour or weapons.

There are a few things they treat as a natural part of the world and don't destroy. The dwarf scholar Nandrak Skybolt listed these items as "cauldrons, clubs, rocks, sacks or simple rags".

Troll Names

To trolls, who destroy many things, names are important, and the greatest desire for most trolls is to be granted a "Big Name" by one of the namers who can recite the history and deeds of the greatest trolls.

Trolls often choose monikers and change these many times unless they are granted a "Big Name". One week a troll may be Urgot the Fat and the next Urgot Long-Arms or Bagrog the Fat.

Names recorded by the dwarf scholar Nandrak Skybolt include Bagrog, Lashab, Ogamagog, Ragryr, Urgot with common additions of the Large, the Render, Big Head, the Green, the Slasher.

The pinnacle of naming is to find the almost mythical Troll Mountain and have your name added to the Names of Troll Mountain.

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Namers are feared and respected by other trolls, for they have great power over names, knowing the tales of troll-kind and honouring the Names of Troll Mountain.

It is they who choose which trolls have sufficiently strong names to spawn more of their kind.


Surprisingly quarrels between trolls are rarely resolved with violence. When both parties can keep getting up after being smashed repeatedly to the ground other ways grow of solving disputes and resolving .

Instead they have developed a system of intimidation, fighting, posturing and deed to resolve quarrels and determine a pecking order among them.

For this reason troll leaders may not be the largest but those who can scare others.

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In times gone past, leadership between trolls were chosen by jumping off cliffs, as they could survive jumps of almost any height. The first to rise being chosen as the leader among those who took part.

Due to their strong regenerative powers, hill trolls excel at this and Boulderers have cliff-jumping to battle. They ambush foes by jumping down on them or hurling great rocks from on high.

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Trolls are asexual and only those who bear strong enough names can produce young. The exact process is unknown but some say other trolls are consumed in the process.

Hill Troll Heavyweights have proved their great names and have great bellies which produce spawn that escape by clawing their way out or splashing up in a torrent of vile goo. They often lead other trolls into battle.


Their spawn of all trolls look pretty similar, but grow mature in a week to a month depending on the sustenance they find, often gaining characteristics of the troll that spawned them.