Spawn of Troll Mountain: Greater Trolls

Two personalities struggle for dominance inside a greater troll, and only when fighting do they unite to tear their foes apart.

The fifth and rarest of the spawn of Troll Mountain, we introduce stats for greater trolls and the attuned prophets of the Mad.

Trolls of the Caves

Also known as Two-Headed Trolls, greater trolls are the least seen of the spawn, but the most dangerous too. Stupid even for trolls, their two minds are in constant war and they have trouble forming sentences or conveying ideas.

Shorter than mountain trolls, they make up for that in a squat form of fat and muscle on sturdy legs. One head is always awake, paranoid of what would happen if both ever slept.

Greater trolls often live apart from trollkind, keeping to caves and barren hillsides. Some keep company with mountain trolls, but all join when the spawn gather for raids or the eternal search for Troll Mountain.

The two heads of a greater troll have distinctive personalities, bickering verbally, but joining together when they have a common enemy to target.

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Prophets of the Mad

The Mad is everything that is unknown to trollkind, and it fills them with fear, hatred and fascination at the same time. Some greater trolls have lost themselves to the embrace of the Mad, susceptible to its embrace after years alone in their caves.

The attuned are prophets and wanderers, bringing a twisted understanding to the troll packs they encounter. Each head has a different theory about the Mad, changing every few hours, and they argue constantly among themselves.

More paranoid than other greater trolls, they are constant watch of the creatures around them. Many try to create the Mad in the world around, destroying things at random or carving weird symbols as the mood takes them. Others create great murals from coloured rocks in the lands they pass through, garish miasmas of nonsense that only they understand.

Greater Troll Attuned

End of the Spawn

That's the end of the five types of spawn, but we continue with troll mutations, important trolls and, bluestone trolls and the Names of Troll Mountain.