Spawn of Troll Mountain: Desert Trolls

Ignoring the flames used to slay trollkind, desert trolls are feared by civilisation and their kin alike. Striking from the cover of night, their fiendish heritage grants them powers other trolls lack.

We continue our look at the spawn of Troll Mountain with stats for desert trolls including the flamefriend, veteran and hunter.

Trolls of the Night

Also known as Night Trolls, Ravager Demons or Fell Trolls, desert trolls are rarer than all but greater trolls. Cruel in nature, defeated foes are often tortured before being eaten and they are the only trolls known to keep slaves.

Lithe and long-limbed compared to hill trolls they take great strides to close with foes. A desert troll's primary weapon is a toxic bite, backed up by the claws and hunger of trollkind.

They wander far, found most commonly in warmer climes and among the heat of the desert. They search for lore of demons and other creatures of the night, telling tales of past deeds and great names among their kind. Other trolls are wary of them for their lore and lack of fear around fire.

Desert Troll

Blood of Fiends

Legends among the trolls tell of a demon lord who spawned the desert trolls, others that a troll consumed the demon in the Abyss. Whatever the truth, desert trolls have gifts that other trolls do not.

Their resistance to the torches and campfires of civilisation and superior darkvision mean they are most comfortable at night. Others manifest mutations such as wings, horns, mind speech, the ability to call fire, glowing auras on their claws and stranger traits of demons.

The Flamefriend use their heritage to call upon a cloak of fire, used as a weapon that other trolls fear. They often lead night raids against mighty foes, caring little for survival.

desert troll flamefriend

Monstrous Mercenaries

More desert trolls than other kinds overcome the trait to rend and destroy. These often become hoarders of great treasures or mercenaries that journey the world. Desert Troll Veterans are such, using equipment of other races to kill and maim through many battles. Battle-hardened survivors, they work for anyone for the joy of killing and their pick of loot.

desert troll veteran

Dangerous Wanderers

The desert troll hunter has overcome its destructive urges, developing skill in archery to keep foes at a distance. Some ally themselves with troll packs, leading them to vulnerable settlements of other races and scavenging whatever riches are left behind.

Other times they work for non-trolls, paid in a treasure, blood or magic. The most cunning play off different sides to great advantage.

In battle they prefer to attack from afar, using the stealth and night to cover their attacks. They wear down foes with a patience rare among trolls.

desert troll hunter

Variant - Trollbane

Desert trolls without the Voracious Trait sometimes carry weapons to destroy other trolls and gain the following trait:

Vial of Acid (2 uses only). Ranged Weapon Attack: +7 to hit, range 20 ft., one target. Hit: 7 (2d6) acid damage.