Preparing an O.G.R.E. Generator

This is the first of a two-part blog post walking through the generation of a random generator for the O.G.R.E. system at EN World, following on from the initial guide. We look at generators, tables and sources.

The Quick Dungeon Generator

My generator will create quick dungeons. A Quick Dungeon describes a place for adventurers to explore in a fantasy setting.

I came up with the following design points to create a working dungeon:

  1. Keep the generator easy to use with no filters or options to customise it
  2. Provide the minimum needed to start running a dungeon and a reason to go there
  3. Include a name, original purpose, current inhabitants, entrances and a plot hook

Preparation Sources

Before creating the generator I checked what was available as a resource. From previous experience I knew I could find inspiration from the Ultimate Toolbox and the 5E Dungeon Master's Guide and Monster Manual for ideas for the tables.

O.G.R.E. allows and encourages you to use generators and tables of others users, so I used the full search to see what was available. It turned two results which stood out and I could re-use, firstly the Dungeon Name Generator <a href=" target="blank">Dungeon Name Generator by Morrus and also the <a href=" target="blank">Random Dungeon - Starting Area by leonardoraele. Both appear in the final version.

Getting Started

Firstly you need to be a member of EN World, then go to the main O.G.R.E. page (under Resources --> Random Generators) and click on the Create button where you will be given the option to create a Table or a Generator.

A Table is a simple roll a number, get a result and normally several of these are used to create a generator. Tables can reference other Tables or Generators

A Generator creates a fully built random "thing", our Quick Dungeon Generator creating a dungeon which can be used quickly. Generators can use other tables and generators within their code, and it's possible to create powerful generators fairly quickly by building on what has come before.

Creating a Table

The following is a simple table example from another generator that creates packs of gnolls, hyena-men for those not into dungeons and dragons. This table creates the hyenas which follow a gnoll pack.

enter image description here

The Roll is the dice range that is used to create a result for the table, 1d20 in this case with a result from 1 to 20. The Table below that reflects the results, with the Range that will return particular Contents. Here a roll of 16 will result in the third option 15-18, creating 1d4+1 (2 to 5) giant hyenas. The Description, Tags and Category are used for information and searching and don't affect how the table works.

Once saved, a table or generator has a reference that can be used to include it in the script of another tables or generators. In this case it is {PieAndDragon[Gnoll Pack Hyenas]}

First Version

The script for the most basic version is

The {Morrus[Dungeon Name Generator]} is a dungeon with {1d20} rooms and {1d3} entrances.

which created

enter image description here

And we'll break it down next week as we complete the generator. Leave a comment below with any questions