Player-Centric ways to Quickstart a Campaign

Building on our easy ways to quick-start a generators campaign, we consider more involved options.

A Little More Investment

If you are starting a campaign driven by the players and you have a little more time to prepare these are options you can use for best effect. These will also require more input from your players, but that's a good thing!

Relationships with Icons from 13th Age

Take the icons from the 13th Age RPG and get your players to each define their relationship to two or three of them. The relationships can be positive, conflicted or negative and once you have placed the icons in your campaign or created your campaign around these icons then you have the framework to move forwards with.

I would love to try this for my next campaign and give a full example.

Player Character Links

At character creation get each player to say how they know one or two of each of the other characters.

In a group with Tarev the Dwarf, Mandark the Wizard, Lara the Rogue and Daesh the Guard maybe they come up with the following

  • Tarev trained Daesh when he first joined the town watch
  • Mandark and Lara are cousins who vie for the attention of their famous grandmother
  • Lara feeds Daesh information about the information in the local underworld
  • Mandark and Tarev are drinking companions at a local Inn and often play cards together.

This gives us some background information and hooks we can already use in a campaign.

Player Plots

I used this to kickstart my first Generators Campaign and it involves having one plot for each player which they can create themselves or you can help them with.

At the end of the process you will have a plot point described in a couple of sentences which you can use going forward. Several of the plots will probably cross or combine as ours did.

I created 25 envelopes and put plots in each, making sure there was a mix of

  • Plots which were fairly broad in appeal
  • Plots specific to the setting
  • Plots where players could define many of the parameters
  • Plots which would be combined with other envelopes or those of other players.

When each player chose the plot you can work through with each how they see the plot related to their characters and if they had any ideas for advancing it.

I'll go through the full process of how ours went in a future post

Generator Themed

So we have three ways to quick-start a campaign with the help of the players.

Next time we'll look at ways of Quick Starting the campaign with a little more prep and the help of some generators!