Pinterest for World and Campaign Building

Previously we looked at using Pinterest as an RPG Resource.

This time we´re looking more specifically at how to tie boards to particular world or campaign.

Know Your Themes

first off you´ll need to know your themes. We´ll use Saurak, a homebrew world of mine, as an example.

The central concepts of Saurak are

  1. Lizardfolk are the dominant sentient species and the world is flooded with reptilian creatures
  2. Spirits are abundant, including ghosts who still roam, watchful guardians, fey of nature and primordials of the land.
  3. The world is young, with sentient life not existing more than a 1000 years ago and most only a couple of centuries
  4. Legacy of the Dead Seven: Areas where gods perished in a cataclysmic war, embedding their essence in the surrounding lands.
  5. Astral Cults, who have found a way to tap the power of the gods through runes that embody ideals such as Light, Fear and Hope.
  6. Hags and witch covens are a powerful force of the feywild and much of the lands of the south.

Match Themes to Boards

Create boards for these themes, which we'll use for ideas.

We'll create boards for Lizardfolk, Spirits, Astral Cults and Hags. We'll leave the Legacy of the Dead Seven, as we'll want to split this out in the future for adventure ideas. The theme of the world being young we will work on a little more to define it enough for a board.

After creating the boards and searching for pins that fit the boards we end up with

Expanding Difficult Themes

At first glance the theme "The world is young...." is hard to fit into a board, so we need to look at what makes up those parts.

Much of the world is jungle, and the elemental chaos is also an important part of that. Dinosaurs and many elemental creatures populate the lands so we'll go with a description of "Saurak: primeval world", also using it as a parking place for pins which fit into the world but not any particular board at this moment.

Sometimes it's fine just to go with a really wide theme and fill it with pins that make sense. Eventually you'll spot patterns in what is appearing in the board and can create new boards using those pins.

Moving Forward

So now you have themed boards for your world or campaign and hopefully pins for them too.

My boards were helped by a few years previously on Pinterest from which to draw from!

Happy pinning!