Patreon and Creators of Random Generators

I've launched on Patreon as Chaos Generators so I take a look at the Patreon platform, geeky things you can find on there and some creators of Random Generators.

Finding Creators You Like with Patreon

Patreon is a way you can find and support creators you like, and support them as a patron by giving $$$. This allows them to supplement or replace their existing income and spend more time creating content you love.

You pay either per month or per creation, giving flexibility to the Creators.

If you like RPGs and other geekery then you may be interested in Comic Creators, RPG Podcasts or Games Creators.

I'm supporting Ethan Nicole's Bearmageddon webcomic, the tabletop podcast Gnome Stew and EN World's EN5ider producing 5E D&D content.

Random Generator Projects

Among creators you can also find some creators of Random Generators. I've picked out the ones I found

More Random Generators

If I've missed any creators of Random Generators then leave a comment here or tweet @ChaosGenerators. I'd also like to hear from you if you are interested in supporting Chaos Generators on Patreon but can't at the moment or have a suggestion to improve the creator page there.