Jegev: Sharing a Campaign World

Following on from my world building article about generic worlds I have made my own generic world of Jegev available to all!


It has been started as Jegev, a campaign on Obsidian Portal with a simple format covering information for Player Characters including homelands, deities and organisations.


At first I thought about a repository on github, an open source software site. After deciding this was too complex a solution I asked a question on ENWorld and was recommended Obsidian Portal, a site for running roleplaying campaigns.


This was done for a couple of reasons, the first one being it gives something concrete to talk about in relation to World Building.

Second, it provides players for my campaigns set in Jegev with a resource for questions about character building. As of this writing there is one such campaign running in 5E called Titan's Bride.

Third, when running online campaigns it gives a central point for information about this world.


To start with there is just information for players creating characters to have some choices.

  • Nations. Places where the characters of players can choose as an origin.
  • Organisations. Short descriptions of the eastern, western and mercenary organisations of Jegev
  • Deities. The gods of the dominant and elemental Primal Seven, the Celestial Triad and the Dark Powers.


I'll do a future posts on Obsidian Portal and options for opening up your world.

No doubt the content on the Jegev portal will also open up. If anyone is interested in future online campaigns or just curious then head on over.