Introducing the Generators Campaign

Are you interested in running a game with less prep, getting better at improvisation and giving your players more control?

Then maybe a Generators Campaign will be for you?


I looked at our current campaign which was starting to drag, with little investment from the players and knew we needed a change.

But with I had less prep time and I no desire for a pre-written which point I remembered an adventure generator from donjon....and thought about doing a campaign just using generators.

enter image description here

When I thought it through, I was excited by the idea, and an excited GM can make the difference in a campaign.

I would use generators for ideas, plots, adventures, NPCs, names and treasures, and let player choices forge and guide the campaign. Prep time would be low and I would get to know and use random generators a whole lot more

So I sat my players down and told them to generate characters for something new...


We will look at the following areas in the weeks to come

  1. Player Power: Giving control to the players as you use their ideas to choose the way forward without a rigid overarching plot. Using options such as plot points
  2. Starting Points: Every campaign starts somewhere, and we look at some easy options, player-centric methods and ways to do it using random generators.
  3. Defining a Generators Campaign: What is it? How does it Work? Narrative? Random Chaos? Simulation?. And a look at how they compare to published adventures
  4. Lower Prep Time: You can use generators to generate much of your content, either 10 minutes before each session or generating far more from which you pick just a few small gems.
  5. Assembling Your Generators. You will want to have the right generators for you campaign, setting or game
  6. Plot and Bringing things Together: There will be some method to your madness, even if it is a light touch or using generators to plan something more.
  7. Uncertainty and Improvisation: As you don't know what's coming you get better at dealing with the unknown and making the best of what you have.
  8. The Wrath of Mandark: We we look at a campaign that went from nothing to the players designing and piloting a wagon-ship with drill and alchemy cannons.


So that's an overview of generator campaigns

At the moment of writing the players are piloting their ship-wagon deep under a skull-and-crossbones island searching an alchemical beaker which is the quest item of the party alchemist.

Let me know if you've run similar campaigns...