Generators for Dungeon Features

After filling the room descriptions, we look at extra options. Good generators for this section have been harder to find.

In this I would include corridor descriptions, doors, sounds, random finds and individual tables for furniture and the like.

1) Dungeon Dressing Generators at

On the right hand column of this plain site are generators for Air, sounds, furniture and more. The bottom most option is a random assortment to get a random description mixing them all.

"The air smells hazy with dust. You can hear chiming in the distance. You also see a sheet of parchment in the room."

2) The Pathfinder Gamesmastery Guide

We touched on this in room descriptions but pages 180-181 have 3 excellent tables for Mundane Room Characteristics, Exotic Room Characteristics and 100 Pieces of Minor and Major Dungeon Dressing.

Two sets of rolls give us - A Burned room containing a toy and a fireplace. - A room with a statue on a rotating pedastal powering a grindstone and with an empty tray in a corner

An honourary mention goes to the tables of the D&D 5E DMG pages 297 to 301.

3) Dungeon Dressing from

An archived Reddit Thread gives a good mix of dungeon dressing tables that originates in the D&D 1E DMG.

4) Megadungeon - Doors

The random tables at Beyond the Black Gate give us tables for spicing up doors, detailing makeup, locks, traps and unusual features.

Our sample door is locked with an extremely difficult lock, but is made of plywood with a crossbow trap and obscene graffiti.


If you know of better generators for dungeon dressing let me know with a comment here or tweet to @chaosgenerators.