Generating the Player Narrative

In our introduction to a Generators Campaign one of the outcomes was that your players would have more ability to guide and control the plot.

Being Responsive

A generators campaign may have an overarching plot, several subplots or a monster of the week feeling. But most important is to put your players in control. Without an adventure path, stand-alone module or homebrew quest, you are freed up to try and gauge what your players will want.

If they all create lizardfolk characters, half of them are rogues or they start tying their background together then you have something to hook part of the campaign on.

This isn't just for the start of the campaign but is equally true as it continues. They want to find a ship-wagon? Make it happen. They keep talking about red dragons or a particular villain? Make sure they come back for repeat appearances.

More Narrative?

Many modern games such as FATE or Savage Worlds favour a different style to traditional Dungeons and Dragons-style games.

You may find you take a step in this direction when giving more power to players. With the plot more in the hands of the player, they may show more interest in what is going on around them and less in planning out their character advancement for the next few months.

You can take at resources for running campaigns, including tips on player archtypes and the power of saying yes.

How it is Helped by a Generators Campaign

In a generators campaign you're not really sure what is coming. You generate a number of pieces that can be used for npcs, encounters, quests and treasures, but may not know how to use them. You may have a plan for the next encounter, next session or next several sessions, but you have the flexibility to let the players go where they will.

You will find that the main thread that ties the generated pieces you have are the desires and wishes or the players and their characters, as you look for the things that will induce emotion and excitement.

On Again

We've had a quick look at how generators campaign puts the power into the player's hands and next we look at our experiment with Plot Points.