Easy Options for Quick-Starting a Campaign

So you've decided you want to play a Generators Campaign and now you need a way to start it.....

The Things you Need

Part of the appeal of the Generators campaign is the low setup and power that the players have over the narrative. You then want to use generators to fill in many of the details.

You will still want a way the PCs meet or know each other and something to start them off.

You might also want one or more plots for players to interact with, a setting of the wider world and a couple of NPCs to act as mentors, villains, allies or family members.

We start off with some simple and easy options....

Caravan Guards

Start the PCs off as Caravan Guards. This gives you a destination, a reason for being together and an employer. It's up to you if they meet a random encounter, a wagon goes missing during the night, they encounter a ruined village or a merchant in the caravan asks them to do some private work....

Pre-Written Adventure

Use a pre-written adventure for the system you are using. Yes we want to use generators but an introductory adventure can get things started. Adventures such as Sunless Citadel for Dungeons and Dragons or introductory adventures from the core book such as the Oldenhaller Contract (WFRP v1.0), the Brightblade Dungeon (O.L.D.) or Against the Savages (Only War) would all be fine.

Use Generators

Roll on this generator for ways adventurers meet and start them off with a random encounter. Let the rest figure itself out.

Stab a Map

Get a map of your campaign area and randomly pick an area to start it. Go. If you get your players to pick it then it becomes more in their power.

You All Meet in a Tavern

It's a classic for a reason. Tell them they are here to meet a mysterious figure, generate a random inn from this tavern generator or maybe this one. A good random tavern will have a few patrons and a few rumours to start things off.

More Options

Here we've looked at simple ways to get things started and next we consider some that need a bit more investment from players or Games Master..