Create Random Generators using EN World O.G.R.E.

O.G.R.E. is the Online Generic Randomizer Engine at tabletop gaming megasite EN World, a framework you can use to make Random Generators. The main O.G.R.E. page displays the most popular and recent random generators and you can also browse by category.

OGRE Main page

I previously posted about a Character Generator for D&D 5E Ironman, which was created in O.G.R.E.

Using OGRE

The O.G.R.E. help page has examples of how to build a generator and how the scripting works.

To this I will add...

  • Start off small and get one section working
  • Complete your generator piece by piece
  • Keep a copy of your code somewhere, in case you lose it in an error or want to go back to an earlier version. I keep all versions of my generators which I discuss below.
  • If you get an error while creating your generator, it may not be obvious what has caused it. Go back to your last stable version and try adding small changes until you cause the error again. OGRE is a simple scripting language.
  • The Case tag has been the source of several of my pains. Let me know if you're having trouble with it and I'll try to help you out.
  • I will post a tutorial putting together a simple generator soon

Simplify. Use Other Generators

  • Use other generators and tables to fill in gaps when starting out.
  • Use other peoples generators and tables in your final generator.
  • There is a search page where you can specify Generators, Tables or both. Use this to find suitable substitutes for filling out your own creations!

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Source Code for My Generators

My first two generators in O.G.R.E. are a Gnoll Pack for D&D 5E and the Character Creator for 5E Ironman.

The source code for these generators and any newer ones I've created are in a Github Repository and are open source. Github is an online store for code and projects, used extensively by the Open Source Community. There are some guides here Feel free to copy and change my code for your own generators, and you can add your own generators to the repository (via a Pull Request).

Favourite Generators on ENWorld

There is a list of top-rated generators and I picked out a few on my recent articles about Generators for GMs.

Here are my 5 top picks

  1. The Medicines by Igfig is great for creating a rare cure that your players need to find in a short space of time.
  2. The Tavern Creator by Morrus is detailed and includes a description, patrons, rumours, drinks and rooms. Several sections of this have been broken into their own generators (rumours, patrons). I'd like to make a shortened version of this with a 1 paragraph description
  3. The Modern Fight Locations by Bagpuss creates an instant encounter or story for World of Darkness or other modern games.
  4. Sobran's D&D 5e NPC Generator is one of the most popular and with good reason. I've taken the name generator for this and integrated it into the 5e Ironman Character Generator.
  5. Not a single generator but a category, the Treasure Generators cover picked pockets, potions for Pathfinder and a mundane treasure generator

Request a Generator

I started asking for requests for generators on EN World in a thread, looking for fresh challenges. If anyone has suggestions or requests for generators or wants to collaborate leave a comment here or contact me on EN World (PieAndDragon) or Twitter @chaosgenerators

Beyond OGRE

Ogre is not the tool I would use for certain complex generators, and I will take a look at some other generators, including my own which is currently in .NET and working on porting to Python. But it IS one of the best out there, on a popular RPG site with a strong community and there have been many generators created by the users there.

Leave a comment with your experiences or suggestions.