Character Generator for DnD 5E Ironman

Introducing a random generator for infinite D&D Ironman characters! These 1st level characters use raw 3d6 for stats and are perfect for one-shot adventures.

Character Generator

Head on over to the Character Generator at EN World and click on "Execute Ironman D&D 5E Character (3d6 in Order)". Ironman D&D Character Generator It will create a level 1 character for Fifth Edition Dungeons and Dragons (D&D 5E), using 3d6 for each stat, the same way characters were created for the original D&D game back in 1974!

The character created is totally random, choosing, class, background, race and almost everything else!

Our example character is Drusilia Amakiir, a wood elf criminal and cleric of trickery.

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D&D Ironman

D&D Ironman is a variant perfect for one-shot adventures, playing level 1 D&D characters with basic stats and little equipment.

For some the fun of Ironman is trying something unusual, for others less forgiving version of D&D or playing a character that forces them to use their wits.

Check out full rules, tables and variants in our D&D 5E Ironman article and also some tips for running one-shot adventures.

Other uses for the generator

You could also use the generator for....

  1. A random henchman or apprentice for a higher level character
  2. A quick substitute character for an unexpected player or for a temporary character
  3. Creating a low-level adventuring party by repeating 5 or 10 times
  4. A template for a higher level adventuring party

Created Using EN World O.G.R.E.

The 5E Ironman Character Generator was created using O.G.R.E. (Online Generic Randomizer Engine) from EN World, where you can create and share random tables and generators.

Several tables from other EN World users were used in the generator, primarily the names and trinkets.

We'll cover O.G.R.E. in more detail soon and show how to create your own generator. Or take a look at the O.G.R.E. help page.

Future Features

Other features that could be added include

  • The flaws table variant from the 5E Ironman article
  • More character details such as traits, bonds, prepared spells, height or weight.
  • A semblance of choice such as Race or matching class with highest stat.
  • Adding similar generators for Pathfinder or 1st Edition D&D

So if any of those interest you leave a comment here or on the generator, or send a tweet to @chaosgenerators.