So this is the start of Pie and Dragon, a gaming website intended as a resource for other gamers.

The start may be haphazard, but it´s got the ball rolling

Going Deep Random Generation

The first focus is on random generation of items useful in a roleplaying game, such as random encounters, objects of art, magic items, character and place names.....

But there are many of these out there already, so the difference here is that we want to go quite deep.

I´ve done this before with random items for Pathfinder and random encounters for my own dungeon world.

World Building

Hand in hand with random generation are resources for world building, be they links to articles, my own articles, case studies and possibly lessons from data science.

Worlds don´t always have to be Middle Earth or the Forgotten Realms, we could be talking a mega-dungeon, a city and it´s environs or an isolated island. A world can be as big or as small as you want to make it!

Selfish Resources

The last will be things that are only of interest to a small group, mostly my players to start with. This includes D&D 5E resources for my old worlds, but also write-ups of cults, adventures, monsters and magic items that anyone could use.

If things go well there could also be things for other RPGs but we´ll look at that if things go well here!

And More....

And no doubt things will creep in around how to improve as a gamesmaster, running online games and ways to write adventures!

Happy gaming!