Assembling Your Generators

If you like random generators and have more than half an hour to prepare your adventure then read on. Otherwise take a look at Using Generators for Last Minute Games. This is part of our Generators Campaign series.

Assemble Your Generators

When you know you will be using generators a lot take the time to find the ones that suit your campaign and system. Do some searches and look through some of the larger sites. Feel free to contact me on twitter at @ChaosGenerators as I spend many hours looking at random generators on the internet.

There are many generators but a few site stand out as having many decent generators and are great places to start.

  • Donjon - Many great generators for D&D and Fantasy
  • Fantasy Name Generators - as well as names by culture, fantasy race and pop culture, there are many excellent description-based generators here
  • Chaotic Shiny Many system-neutral generators around Culture, People, Places and other categories.
  • EN World Generic and 5E D&D generators powered by the OGRE system. I've made several gens here.
  • Seventh Sanctum A wide range of simple but well-done generators, great for creating lists and descriptions
  • Abulafia An wiki-style site with many weird and wacky (and useful) genenerators which anyone can build.

Some Deadland Generators

One of my next games to run will be Deadlands using Savage Worlds, so I will be assembling generators of U.S. names, Native American names, a few generic quest ones, and do a search for wild west generators. A couple of generic NPC generators and any specific Savage Worlds ones should be enough.

I scanned the lists of generators in the sites mentioned earlier and found ones at Fantasy Name Generators for native americans, colonial americans, hispanics and cowboys. Two bonuses were ones for wild west towns and horses.

Chaotic Shiney provided generators for crowds and simple weather forecasts, rounded off with firearms, gadget names and people descriptions from Seventh Sanctum.

I tried finding a decent wanted poster generator or bounties one but didn't turn up anything, so maybe I'll have to create my own...

Planning the Game.....

Next time we'll look at using these to prepare for a game

And if anyone has any great Savage Worlds, Deadlands or westerns generators send me a comment or tweet!