5 Generators for filling Dungeon Rooms

With your dungeon named and mapped you'll be wanting to fill those rooms with various details.

Dungeon Rooms...

A room doesn´t normally just sit alone in a dungeon or adventure. It was probably built with a purpose, alongside other rooms nearby. It's purpose may have change or been adapted over many years, and physical changes may also have happened.

Also, a room may be a lair, or part of a larger lair belonging to one or more creatures. It may be a meeting place, a store, a shrine or a workshop. These generators will help things along...

1) The 5E Dungeon Master´s Guide

The Fifth Edition Dungeons and Dragons DMG has excellent dungeon generation tables on pages 290-301. We are especially interested in the Chambers size and Exits (pg 291), the chamber purpose tables (292-295), current chamber state (pg 296) and other tables for filling out the contents.

A room in a Mine gives us a Lode where metal ore is mine (now depleted)in a square 40 ft by 40 ft chamber with 4 exits. Currently the room is a pool of water, flooding the original contents and it is partially blocked by a cave-in. Some ashes and a high stool can be found by those investigating the chamber.

Pages 179-181 of the Pathfinder Gamesmastery Guide give excellent tables for entrances, room types, mundane & exotic contents and dungeon dressings.

2) Dungeon Rooms at Abulafia

Abulafia contains a number of generators created by it's users. You'll see a guide on creating generators there at another time.

Here we are interested in the Dungeon Room generator, which creates six rooms each time the page is loaded. Each room has a general description, information about the exits and a brief note on what is inside.

The example came from a selection of two meeting rooms, a mine, gymnasium, tomb and pool.

enter image description here

3) Redkat's Room Descriptions

Dungeon Room Descriptions produces well written and brief descriptions of as many rooms as you want to specify.

enter image description here

Two of mine were

  • "You enter an unnerving chamber that is lit by fire from down below. It contains trickling water down one wall. "
  • "You enter a stiflingly warm chamber that is dimly lit by eerie glowing orbs. It contains a large, ornately carved wooden chair, as well as a strange glowing cloud. The room is trapped with a ballista rigged to fire at the doorway."

4) TPK Random Dungeon

This elegant dungeon generator takes a number and spits out that many one line descriptions for your rooms.

tpk rooms

5) System Agnostic Room at EN World

This dungeon room generator by ENWorld user DM Mike gives a room description and then lists out the contents in a table below.

The contents are split out by lighting, walls, contents, encounters, treasure and exits..

Our description was

"This room is poorly lit by an unseen source. It's a dusty, square room about 40 feet by 40 feet. The stone and mortar walls here surround a cobblestone floor. You see a wall engraving, an elaborate sarcophagus, and a creepy statue."

Dungeon Complete

That´s your five for today and now we have the tools for dungeon name, map, description and rooms...