4 Generators for your Cave Complexes

A dungeon of a different sort today as we continue from dungeon maps with ways to create caves and caverns.

Why Caves?

Caves offer a different experience to constructed dungeons, with uneven walls, the risk of collapses, slimes, weird fungi and stranger beasts. There is something primeval about them, that summons fear of the darkness and unknown.

The Underdark is of course the biggest dungeon of them all.

Cave Names

First up, you can name your caves with the Cave Name Generator from Fantasy Name Generators

  • The Primeval Subterrane
  • The Hellish Overhang
  • The Prickly Caverns
  • Gyk Hollow
  • The Sleeping Hideout
  • Tlolt Cavity

Caverns of Myth

Our first generator for creating the caves is the Myth Weavers Cave Generator which has options for showing room centres and grids of different sizes

It generated

enter image description here

The Inkwell Hollows

This dungeon/cave tool from Inkwell Ideas lets you mix the amount of caves and dungeon rooms with a percentage cave.

The following cave and dungeon complex was created from a 50% setting.

enter image description here

Gozzy's Grotto

Last up is the Random Cave Map Creator from Gozzys.com with options including Map Size, Cave Density and Number of Entrances (my favourite feature).

This beauty was created with 3 entrances.

enter image description here

Filling those Caves

So we have three generators for mapping your caverns and another for naming them.

But I've had trouble finding generators for filling them with contents or weird fungi. Leave a comment if you have any generators that can help!